X-Treme de Conquistadores del Azahar
Call Name:  Phoenix 
April 1, 2016
Height: 69cm    Weight:  77lbs
OFA Hips:  Fair
OFA Elbows:  Normal
MDR:  Normal/Normal
DM:  Results Pending

Phoenix at 16 months old.  He was whelped Apr 1st, 2016.

Phoenix Pedigree
This is Phoenix Rising's page.  Phoenix's litter was whelped on Apr 1, 2016.     He is currently 12 months old.   He arrived from his 2 flights to get to us full of confidence.  He is learning quickly and his quiet, confident temperment is amazing.  Nothing bothers him.  He does not have the typical puppy exuberance.  He loves to learn and picks up on his training quickly.  He has learned many things the past several months.  Check out some of our training articles on my Training Idea's page to see video's of his progress. 

His lines are ones that I have been dreaming of having a part of my future kennel since I first saw this beautiful young lady run the most gorgeous dog I have ever seen around a show ring.  That amazing dog, known to so many as Fox Mulder, is now passed away but he left an incredible legacy.  We are very grateful and excited to be welcoming a son of Conan and grandson of Fox Mulder to our home.  Our hopes are he will become my next PSD along with being our new foundation sire for our Kennel.
OFA Results
OFA Results Explained

5 Months Old

16 Months Old

2yrs Old

15 months old, at my first eye appointment in 5yrs

14 months old, at my daughters graduation banquet

12 months old

Conquistador del Dunas Brancas

Ginger "de Conquistadores del Azahar"

This is Phoenix's sire.  I had a really hard time picking my favorite photo of him to place at the top. You can click on the link to his breeders website where they have all the information on tests and acomplishments.  They are incredible people and are very helpful and have answered my countless questions.  They love the goals we have for Phoenix and have let me know that 2 of Conan's pups have gone on to be Guide Dogs.  Many are champions and work in other avenues as well like police, for fire departments and even water rescue.  You can also click on the link to his pedigree as well.
This is Phoenix's dam.  Her breeder describes her as having a very sweet but confident temperment.  She loves meeting people and is great with kids.  She loves best to be with her people.  She is very confident when out in public no matter what is happening.  She has proven to be a great mom who has raised very confident and happy pups.  You can also check her page below from her breeders page to view test results and see more pictures.

Alhambra's Fox Mulder

This is Phoenix's grand sire. I never personally got the pleasure of meeting this incredible dog so I asked his owner/handler to write up her thoughts.  And she was awesome and wrote this "When asked about what Fox Mulder represented for me . Simply words can not describe.  Fox was the most awarded Shepherd in Brazil (maybe the world), when almost nobody knew or heard about the breed. Fox's experiences in all the rings are often the best of the show. Twice he went Best In Show for the entire world.  One of them tried for Mr.Hans Muller president of FCI. Surely Fox showed the world what the White Swiss Shepherds were real and went to go down in history. 
But outside the  show life Fox was the kindest man I ever met. Owner of a great personality, never needed collars to be very obedient, protecting your home and your family well.
In a nutshell is difficult to summarize Fox Mulder. For our family he would never be a dog. He was one member of our family. For all will always be loved and saved in our memories. This guy was full, beautiful, intelligent, special .... It was Fox Mulder"
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