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White Swiss Shepherds
Policies & Procedures

First Steps

Puppy Placement

Health Guarantee's

Step one to adopting any dog should be first and foremost to research about the breed you are interested in.  Talk to people who own one, talk to trainers, breeders.  Reach out to others on the internet.  Learn all you can to ensure you are not only ready for the breed you are interested in and that it is a good match for your lifestyle and family. 
The second step to adopting a puppy from us is to go click on the link to our puppy contract just below this paragraph.  Read it over to see if all the requirements in it are satisfactory for you and your family. 
The third step is to click on the link to our Puppy Questionaire.  Copy the questions into the contact section on that page with your answers, then his submit.  The link is right under the link to the Puppy Contract.  The Questionaire is how we learn a little bit about you and helps us in deciding whether you would be a good fit for one of our future puppies.  At any time feel free to go to my contact page and send me an email if you have any questions.
My health guarantee guarantee's this puppy against life threatening genetic illnesses. Meaning, if your puppy should die of a genetic illness, prior to 30 months of age, I will refund your money. Proof of illness is required in the form of Vet reports and or autopsied.  Which will be verified by my vet before honoring agreement. 
Things not covered are allergies, sensitive stomachs, arthritis and so on. 
My hip guarantee is exactly that, if dog’s hips do not pass OFA(excellent, good or fair rating) at 30 months of age I will refund the purchase price, and or replace the puppy. I do not expect to get the first dog back, but will of course take it back if so desired.
Any issue that is caused by poor care of this pup is easily determined. Poor care comes in many forms. Including ignorance of proper care. Poor health in General can be caused by cheap dog food ( Ol Roy, Sunshine chunks, etc) Causing diarrhea and dull coats & eyes. Overweight pups will stress bones & joints, keep them lean. You SHOULD be able to see first 2 ribs, no matter what your vet tells you. White Swiss Shepherds are a breed apart in this. Although many breeds of dogs are kept overweight, doing damage to young bones. Dogs should rest 30-45 minutes after eating. Bloat can occur from playing right after food.  Lack of exercise can lead to overweight and too much exercise can also risk joints and growth.  So moderation is important.
As I am the breeder I know most everything about these pups. I have researched the lines extensively, looked through for just the right temperments in sire and dam's along with work histories and so on.  I have watched right from conception to birth to ensure the dam gets just the right exercise and nutrition.  I have observed from whelping to the time their new families are matched their personailities develop, their activity levels, their rate of learning, and even how they react to stress.  I don't base it on who wants the cutest or who has the most money.  I base my decisions on the information I have of the families, what I have learned of these puppies and also the 5 week visit.  I have had puppies pick their person totally changing my mind of who I thought would be a perfect match.  So nothing is set in stone till matching occurs but I am the one that chooses.
My process is to raise them to 8 or 9 weeks. By then I've watched, taken notes and compared the pups to the families individual needs that are buying them. Each family will have filled out my Puppy Questionnaire and with that in hand along with a few other correspondence I can better pick the puppy to match what they need.  At about 5 weeks, after their first shots, all potential adopters must arrange a visit with me and the pups. At this time I will have picked out 2-3 pups that might make a good match so that when the adopter/s visit I get to see how they all interact together.  This helps a lot with the pairing of families with their new family member. 
 At 7 weeks I have the temperament testing of them done.  This helps me to figure out which puppy will be the donation candidate along with which puppy I might keep.  Then I use that to help match the rest to their families. 
That same day structure is evaluated as to how closely each pup is to the breed standard. At 7 weeks they most closely resemble their adult selves. Beyond that for 18 months they are in several different awkward growth stages...Along the way I am always in contact with prospective adopters taking their input, and working with them to assure a smooth transition. I take into account if they have favorites from our weekly picture updates and it all is part of my decision. I do make the final decision.  Always remember my main goal is to find life long family members for each and every puppy. 
Puppy Contract
Puppy Questionaire

Puppy Packs & Your Responsiblities

Picking Up or Shipping Your Puppy

By the time you pick up or recieve your puppy your puppy will have been to the vet several times. We call them “well puppy” visits. The first occurs the day after birth.  Others will follow as they mature.  This includes a comprehensive exam, fecal test for parasites, and standard worming regardless of negative fecal. One set of puppy shots in the 3 set series, it is your responsibility to get the last two sets, I will expect vet receipts for those visits as required in my record keeping for each litter.
They will be Micro chipped. They will also come with the Phoenix Rising White Swiss Shepherd Kennels Puppy Pack. This Puppy Pack is a 3-ring binder of information on the breed, food, puppy advise, training tips, anything you will need to know, also included in the pack is 1 crate, 1 collar and leash set,  1 toy the pups had all played with, weeks worth of the brand of puppy food they are on, puppy diary, temperament profile, designer pedigree, and vet info.
 I am here for the new owners day or night for advice or help I can offer for the life of the dog.  And if I don't know the answer I will help research to try and find it.
The pups will be handled daily, petted and socialized with humans and other pets, indoors constantly, with 3 outdoor play periods daily. Depending on weather they last about 2 hours each. They will be taught to follow, & come. Puppies will come to the kissing noise they have been raised & trained with. Plus I will start them on puppy pen training, which is my preference for house training.  Along with possibly starting them on some of the basics like sit, down and place.
Our prefered way of you getting your puppy is of coarse you picking it up.  It is less stressful on the puppy and helps for an easier transition to go from the safe enviroment it was raised in and then into the arms of the scent it had got to know the past week or two.  The benefits of picking up a puppy will usually outweigh any negatives like drive length.  But I also know there are times when picking up your puppy is not an option.  All our foundation breeding dogs were imported from overseas to try and bring in the best bloodlines the world had to offer. 
We will only ship with an airlines or shipping agencies that has good reviews and experienced in shipping puppies and live cargo.  This is to protect the puppy.  If you wish for insurance on the puppy, if it is offered for it's shipping then you must let me know ahead of time and this will be included in the shipping costs that are solely the adopters responsibility.
Weather is carefully checked on both sides and health certificate is required from within days of shipping. The added cost of shipping will be added to the cost of the pup.  All airline prices subject to change, and often do!!
Also it is mandatory that even if your pup has to be shipped to you, you need to find the time to visit at least once before the puppies go home.  I have to meet all the adopters.  This helps to ease my concerns and yours too.  Plus you get to see the type of enviroment the pups are raised in and also I get to see how each pup interacts with you.  This helps me in my final decision on placement.
Last but equally important is that at 5 weeks old every adopter needs to get a soft baby blanket.  Not one of those small thin ones.  A medium sized think one that can go in the pups crate when shipped to you or picked up.  You and your family are to sleep with it a few days and then rub it on each of the pets in the home.  Do not wash after any of this.  Instead put it in a Ziplock baggy and mail to me.  This will have all the scents of your family and home.  When the pups are 7 weeks old and matched to their families we start crate training.  At this time we use the blanket in the crate, which is where they will eat all meals, the blanket will be used when treats are given to the puppy and when it is play time.  In this way they get to know your scent.  So when you finally meet your puppy they are more relaxed as they recognize your scent.


All puppies will be sold on a spay/neuter contract and limited registration.  There will be few exceptions.  We require a $500.00 Canadian deposit to hold your puppy.  We will require the deposit when the puppies are on the ground and 5 days old.  The deposit will be refunded if we are unable to provide you a puppy from the litter you requested if you do not wish to put it towards a future litter.  If you choose to withdraw your request for a puppy the deposit will not be refunded as this could delay a puppy finding it's perfect family.
The rest of the payment will be required to be paid in full, along with any shipping costs, by the time the puppies are 7 weeks of age.  The earliest puppies can go to their new homes is 8 weeks of age.  


Each litter will be registered when born with  the UKC.  Because the CKC is not a member of the international registery of FCI, it is not required to recognize all FCI breeds.  Currently any FCI breeds, that are bred in Canada, that are not recognized by the CKC can not be registered with the FCI as they have to be registered with that Countries Kennel Club first to be accepted.  The UKC does recognize the FCI BBS as a White Shepherd.  So until either the FCI changes this policy OR the CKC recognizes the BBS, all litters will be registered with the UKC. 

To register each puppy individually it must have a registered name.  Each pups registered name must be named with first "Phoenix Rising" followed by your choice of names, that I must approve.  Usually each litter will have a Letter that must be in the first word you pick or the litter will have a theme.  This will help me to keep each litter seperate when discussing them.  The call name of your pup can be whatever you choose.  What you call your dog is between you & it!!

Pictures & Updates

I am dedicated to taking loads of pictures! I will try to update the puppy page weekly when we have a litter.  At 4 weeks old the pups begin to be photographed individually. Profile stacked and sitting up straight and if they are feeling very easy going then a lay down shot too. I continue to include a few random play shots, and also some early training pictures and videos.  I love taking and sharing the photos just as much as you may enjoy seeing them.
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